Paint Protection Film

Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film offers maximum protection for your vehicle’s grill, front bumper, headlights, hood, fenders and side mirrors – areas that are easily damaged during normal driving conditions. On special occasions, we are asked to wrap the entire vehicle. This is a popular option among the exotics chosen by those looking for ultimate protection on high dollar vehicles. Paint protection film is comprised of a thin, clear, urethane laminate film – and protects your vehicle without compromising its look.

We use Nano-Fusions Top tier film, one of the only films on the market with a Lifetime warranty, a revolutionary paint protection film known for its Ultimate stain rejection, which is laid over-top the vehicle’s existing paint. It is designed to give you peace of mind when you hit the road, reducing the risk of stone chips, bug damage, abrasions, weathering and wont stain or change color. Essentially, it extends the life of your vehicles exterior, making it more valuable upon resale; along with a much sharper, damage free appearance during ownership.

Properly applied, paint protection is virtually invisible in appearance. Especially Nano-Fusion with its fused in Hydrophobic coating and single ply technology, where in the rare event of a failure, you only have one layer that can fail, not 2-3 layers to fail like most other brands. Installation requires skill and experience to reduce or eliminate installation errors such as lift lines, dry spots, stretch marks and bubbles which would make the film unsightly and more visible. Only an experienced installer can ensure smooth lines and reduce the need for relief cuts. Some installers may use a low price to gain customers through their door but install a product that will only last 3-5 years before needing removed. 


Pricing for paint protection films depends on size of coverage, difficulty or really the time it takes to install. Some pricing goes as follows for basic vehicle installs and RV installs:

Partial front end for average to mid sized car, crossover, small SUV (full bumper cover, partial hood & fenders & mirror backs) - $895

Partial front end on Full size truck, SUV - $995

Full Front end for average to mid sized car, crossover, small SUV (Full Bumper Cover, Full Hood & Full front fenders, Mirror backs) - $1995

Full Front End on Full Size truck, SUV - $2295

RV's similar to Tiffin, Newmar, Thor or like models, Full front end below windshield on the average range from $1500-$2000 

Some RV difficult models could add another $200-500

Auto Window Tinting

Tinted windows will significantly reduce the temperature inside your vehicle, reducing the energy costs of heating and cooling it. On hot summer days, the window film blocks and reflects the solar energy, drastically reducing the heat and helping stabilize the climate inside your car, while preventing your upholstery from fading. We only offer Avery Dennison's top tier Ceramic film which stops around 80-85% of the suns Infrared heat. we also Offer "Near Clear" films for glass like your windshield that you would like to stop 80% of the infrared heat from coming in on your dash and lap while driving.



Pair of Front door glass to match rear factory tinted glass - $150

Small to Mid sized cars & Small SUVs sides and rear - $300-$400

Full size sedans and Mid sized SUVS - $350-$450

Full Sized SUVs and full glass Vans - $450-600

Full front windshields - $180

Headlight & Taillight tinting

Avery Dennison offers a line of Headlight and Taillight tinting film and its available in 50 and 20% VLT. This film is a heavy PPF style film that will not only make your lights and reflectors look cool, it will protect them from stone and road debris damage and keep them looking new. The film will not come loose in car washes but can be removed easily if aged or damaged down the road. Due to the drastic range of styles of headlights and tail lights it is required that you call for pricing on your specific model, these prices are for reference.


Pair of one piece basic headlights or tail lights - $120-200

4 piece Tail lights - $180-$250

Lower fog lights - $50-100

Lower rear reflectors pair - $30-50

Third brake lights - $30-80

Emblems like Ford Ovals - $30-50

Ceramic Paint Coatings & Paint Correction

Ceramic Paint Coating is a nanoceramic coating made of titanium dioxide and silica dioxide that bonds to your paint on a molecular level. The nanoparticles fill in the pores of your paint permanently which helps to protect your car against environmental damage and create a hyper slick surface that’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. 

Vehicles coated with a Ceramic Coating will resists scratches, oxidation, and corrosion. Paint won’t fade or age due to UV protection in the coating. Ceramic Coatings are chemical and temperature resistant which means that bird droppings, bugs (Love Bugs especially), dirt, tar, and brake dust will not eat away at the paint or cause any discoloration.

For decades people have used carnauba wax and synthetic sealants on paint. While they offered some UV protection, this protection didn’t last longer than 1-6 months, and could be stripped off with a mild car wash soap. High end Ceramic coatings on the other hand are completely chemical resistant and cannot be stripped off with wash soap or chemicals. They can only be removed by abrasion or machine buffers. Because of this, they offer superior long-term UV protection for your paint (stops color fading), chemical resistance against environmental damage (stops staining and oxidation), and make cleaning & maintaining your vehicle’s exterior drastically faster and easier. Due to the hyper slick surface, your car will stay cleaner longer and cleaning it will be much easier. Newer Ceramic Coatings like Borophene 3.0 from Nano Pro Ceramics is a permanent coating meaning it can last the life of your vehicle. We carry the wide range of products from Nano Pro Ceramics for paint, plastic, rubber, glass and stone (countertops).

UV Resistant • Oxidation Resistant • Chemical Resistance • Ease of Cleaning • Superior Gloss • Anti-Graffiti.



Ceramic 10H 5 year coating on NEW small to mid size - $695 Includes one hour of paint correction/polish

Ceramic 10H 5 year coating on NEW full sized truck or SUV - $895 Includes one hour of paint correction/polish

Graphine 10H+ 6 year coating - Add $100 to above

Borophene 3.0 Permanant coating 10 year minimum (Requires full paint correction) - $995-$1500 depending on vehicle size

Paint Correction Prices:

Paint correction on the average runs $100-125 hour but can fluctuate depending on other services you are getting with it or if only getting Paint Correction

Residential & Commercial Window Tinting

Florida Film Werkz also offers professional tinting of flat glass in Residential, Commercial and Office spaces. We carry the Avery Dennison NT Perlite Ceramic high heat rejection window film.  Avery Dennison NT PerLite Ceramic is a highly durable, ceramic-based interior window film. NT PerLite Ceramic was developed using a proprietary patented advanced ceramic coating technology. As a result, its attractive neutral grey color delivers excellent solar energy rejection, with surprisingly low visible light reflectance. This makes NT PerLite Ceramic an ideal solution for economic energy-saving projects when it’s important to preserve view and retain a natural appearance – both inside and out. Available in different VLT’s, NT PerLite Ceramic i is particularly popular in residential and commercial projects.

We also offer Avery Dennisons decorative film options as well if you are looking to do a frosted look on your front door of your home or add some privacy design elements to your office glass divider panels.


Automotive Windshield Chip Repair:

We offer windshield Chip repair for those getting their windshields tinted or if you just want a inexpensive quality repair done out of pocket versus doing a claim through your insurance. The going rate for most glass companies is $125-150 per repair. We can do as good or better than any glass shop for about 20-30% less money. Prices based on size of ship but range from $80-120 and if you have more than one the others are half price. The repair shown below is the average repair afterwards.